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CITY-CLUB hotel in Kharkov

The City Club Hotel Rules

1. The hotel is only authorized to accommodate properly registered guests. For this purpose, guests need to present their valid national ID card or passport, or any other valid proof of identity to the relevant hotel employee immediately upon arrival.

2. Upon arriving at the hotel, guests, who are already being accommodated, are obliged to prove their identity to a member of staff with a valid hotel card if requested to do so.

3. In special cases, the hotel may offer a guest accommodation other than that which has been arranged, if it does not differ in any essential manner from that which was stipulated in the confirmed booking.

4. On the basis of a booking confirmation the hotel is obliged to accommodate a guest from 2.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. and it is obliged to reserve the room for the guest up to this time unless the booking stipulates otherwise.

5. The hotel may offer guests who ask to extend their stay a different room to the one in which they were originally accommodated.

6. The hotel is only liable without limits for jewels, money or other valuables in the event that these items were accepted by the hotel for safekeeping.

7. The right to compensation for damage must be exercised at the hotel without undue delay, but no later that within 15 days of the aggrieved party learning of this damage.

8. Guests are allowed to use their rooms for the agreed period. If the period of accommodation is not stipulated in advance, guests have to check out by 12.00 p.m. on the last day of their stay at the latest, and they are obliged to move out by this time. If a guest fails to do this, the hotel has the right to bill him/her for another day’s stay. In case when hotel has already reserved this room beforehand, and the guest fails to comply with the rules above, or if he/she is not present in the hotel, the hotel reserves the right to store guest’s stuff in a safe place so that this room can be used by another guest for whom it has been reserved.

9. A guest may only invite visitors with the consent of the appropriate hotel employee during the period from 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. upon registering this visit in the visitors’ book at the reception area.

10. Unless stipulated otherwise in advance, guests are obliged to pay the prices for accommodation and other services rendered in accordance with the valid price list upon arrival, but not for a period longer than 7 consecutive days. The bill is payable upon being presented.

11. Guests are obliged to pay for any damage they cause, if they are unable to prove that they are not responsible for this damage.

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